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Why Red On socks?

Coach Mike Chadwick

“As one of the leading Tactical Athlete coaches in the world, I manipulate and control training variables to ensure people have the ability to pass some of the most arduous courses in the world. I make them strong and durable to withstand anything thrown at them. But one thing I couldn’t control was their feet durability. During long workouts and gruelling tasks, people’s socks would often rub, fall down and cause blisters and become generally uncomfortable.

That’s why I developed Red On socks. The socks bridge the gap and ensure people’s feet are kept comfortable, supported and in optimal condition throughout their training and courses, no matter how intense, allowing them to train for longer, push themselves further and find a way to win.”

The Science

The technology behind Red On Socks ensure there is comfort in the heels and toes where blisters are most common and they’re breathable in places where sweat normally builds up. The socks also have compression around the Achilles tendon to help improve elastic energy return, making you more efficient, with studies showing running economy can nearly be doubled in humans by improving elastic energy return of the Achilles tendon.

The Science

This is because when you run your Achilles tendon stretches and recoils. As one of your feet swings forward, the Achilles tendon in that foot is stretched out greatly. Then, as your foot hits the ground, your Achilles tendon recoils, similar to how an elastic band will snap back into shape after its released. The added compression in Red On Socks around the Achilles aides this recoil because, like the Achilles, it too wants to snap back into shape as quick as possible.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything – in terms of energy or oxygen. The energy comes from ‘stored energy’, put into the Achilles tendon when it was stretched prior to foot strike. With Red On Socks, your Achilles tendons have help in ‘returning’ energy, making you more efficient.

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